About us and our team

We are a team of 25h8, and here and now we are creating a new approach to combining business and social life.

Our goal is to become the only platform for communication for business and social and political issues.


We believe that society is ready to move to a new level of self-government.

Therefore, we created a discussion platform, where everyone will have an opportunity to unite the community around themselves and their ideas.

We know that Ukraine will develop in the modern world thanks to modern business tools.

To do this, we have created a service that combines public competitive trades, electronic document management, DS usage, fast negotiations and much more.

We want to change life of Ukraine for the better.

For this we embody modern opportunities that will help our country to develop easier and faster.

Our partners

Already at the launch phase, such proven companies have become our partners:

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We create a service where every citizen can change for the better his own business, society, country.

Our team

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